Artist Statement

Katherine Parthimos is a Montreal based artist, mostly focused on painting and sculpture, although interdisciplinary practices and instillation art are also points of interest.

Lately Katherine Parthimos has been conceptually interested in current day pop culture and local cultural references, whether it is embracing it or exposing it for what it truly is. She enjoys the feeling of relatability her artworks can create with the audience, ultimately connecting with and laughing at our current culture as millennials or whatever generation came next.

Katherine Parthimos has also been interested in exploring familiar domestic scenes, suburbia has always been where she calls home and she is inspired by the incredibly different lifestyle of the suburbs. She creates a feeling of Familiar by always having a personal connection to the artwork and the imagery. All in hopes that the audience will relate to it, and if not, to visually explore it because she is bringing suburban references into the city.

Katherine Parthimos believes that the most important aspect of art is to bring a sense of happiness to the viewer. She enjoys including inside jokes or comedic references into her art in hope that it will not only make her laugh, but the audience as well.