2023 Blood-borne Pathogens Certification/ certification des agents pathogènes transmissibles par le sang. Montreal.
2020 Bachelor degree of Fine Arts (BFA), Concordia University, Montreal Qc. (GPA 3.7/ honours)
2016 DEC, Visual Arts, Dawson College, Montreal Qc. (with honours)

Experience Professionnelle
2022-present Tattoo Artist,, Montreal.
2019-2024 Communications Coordinator & Graphic Designer, Sustainability Action Fund, Montreal.
2020-2022 Graphic Designer, FND Ensemble (Charity), Montreal.
2022 Wardrobe assistant, Kooza, Cirque Du Soleil, Montreal.
2020-2021 Founder, Curator, graphic designer, Somewhere Gallery, Montreal.
2019- 2020 Communications Coordinator, Fine Arts Student Alliance, Concordia University, Montreal.
*Please inquire for anything before 2019
Exposition d'art (mes oeuvres)
2021 Ribboned Rainbow, Jano Lapin Gallery, Montreal.
2020 BFA Show, Serving The People Collective, Online.
2020 Unshelved, The VAV Gallery, Montreal.
2019 Le Salon, Gallerie 2112, Montreal.
2019 Body; Language, The VAV Gallery, Montreal.
2019 Contre-Sens, Galerie 2112, Montreal.

Commissaire d'exposition
2o22-2023 Ombres et lumières, Virtuel exhibition featuring FND patients, FND Together. 
2021 Archiving Identity, Collaboration with The VAV Gallery, Somewhere Gallery, Montreal.
2020 Whole year program, a total of 9 exhibitions, Somewhere Gallery, Montreal.

2022 Interview with Somewhere Gallery, Project. Encountered.
2021 Somewhere Gallery Combines Curation and Care, Aysha White, The Concordian.
2021 Happening In And Around The White Cube This Week, Chloë Lalonde, The Concordian.
2019 For The Sake Of Painting And Photography, Chloë Lalonde, The Concordian.
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